Corey C. McNabb is a man of reinvention. 

While having always worked in the arts, his mediums have changed over the decades ... he first started in architecture. Then for many years he worked in the art department in the film & television industry in Los Angeles. For over a decade he was a professional photographer, then in 2015 reinvented himself once again as a fine arts painter. And he was fortunate enough to have won top industry awards in every field. But it was never enough. Now, McNabb brings his creative eye and knack for reinvention to the art of upcycling the old into the new ... in jewelry. In doing so, he's discovered a new passion for rejuvenating old things and bringing them new life. This also has provided more opportunity for him to spend more time with his true treasure: his family ... a real win-win in his book. Corey’s wife, Jill, and son, Mason, are integral parts of the business as well.

self portrait in watercolor, 2015